Sunday, June 03, 2007

news of the bush

The verdict is out. I have convinced Bibi of Alice to let the children live in a newly opened orpahnage nearby. that means clean house, BEDS!, clohtes, baths everyday...with warm water, even!, an EDUCATION!!!! and health care. I think Willa just is getting over Measles-she had a fever and her lips swelled up to about 4 times their size, she had red swollen goupy eyes...miserable to look at....poor kid.And like usual, no money to go to the doctor, so they just pray to God that she gets better. and, her scabies are back. BUT things will start to change. End of June, they are moving into the orphange. I've never felt so grateful/satisfies/releived all at the same time. Very interesting process though. After Alice died, bibi, who turns out to be great great bibi has a family conference with any relative she can contact of hers because both mother and father of the kids are gone...what is one really to do? So, after a 3 day ordeal, deliberating who will taek the child, who is able, or what's best for the family (not the kids)....they MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE! Those kids now have a chance! Thank God.
Anothe interesting event happened in school-the first day of finals was SUPPOSED to be on Friday-however......someone mysteriously burned down the room where all the exams were kept....the students burned down our school!! Again, one of these, "only in Africa" moments....Then, the next morning the staff discover that 2 girls have also mysteriously dissappeared from the hostel. To this day, I don't think anyone knows where they went. I'm in the dark-they may have already figured out the answer to everything,but I know nothing.

Yesterday, school/community members held a 'welcoming' party for me and 3 other new teqachers-was kind of fun and ridiculous at the same time. I had to translate a story from Enlgish into Kiswahili and then 'open the disco', which means they play the music, and watch ME dance.Sort of felt like I was an exhibit in the zoo-but what the heck, when duty calls, you must entertain!

Hope all is well!