Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas

Twas teh night before Chrsitmas(almost) and all through my house, not a creature was stirring.....except for my cat Mogli and the damn rat/goat that lives above me...:) Its hard to beleive the season is upon us...I thought about this past year, that I will be bringing in a new year in a new country...and I thought to myself what a transformation year this has been for me. I started off this year at a job a HATED, I sold out to the man! I needed to make money! doesn't everyone? I went through s discovery of myself, who I was, who my friends really were....found a lot out about my level of tolerance and patience through family and other jobs....

I have come to discover that maybe, for the first time in my life, I am truly happy. I am doing something with my life, something that has meaning to me, something that I enjoy. I have no stress, no anxiety, no worries. I am not rushing from one hting to the other...I am taking my time to smell the roses. I have learned to adapt to the Tanzanian lifestyle quite nicely. I love to chat with my neighbors...whether I understand them or not, its to be determined.....i made three life rules to live by: 1)the more the merrier 2) alwasy talk to strangers b/c you never know who you will meet and 3) never fear making an ass of yourself. I am LIVING these rules. I am experiencing life.

I took some time to contmplate where i was in my life...and I hope with all my heart that each one of you that has entered my life knows that you helped me get here, helped me reach my goals and helped me become who I am today. Thank you. with all my heart, thank you.

Things are good....things are interesting...and the things that are bad, you just have to laugh at. For example, my only bus that leaves my village leaves at 430 in the morning. it was an hour late! so I just sat in the cold dark and hoped it would come...what else could I do? laugh about it! Then my bus got caught in mud going uphill and I had to stand in the pouring rain for 2 hours waiting for the men to try to get it unstuck....andluahged to myslef for not bringing a raincoat.

Life is full of surprises. Frusterations also. BUT, its what we live through that makes a stronger and makes me realize who I am.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Tanzania!