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Blogger Carla said...

I don't know if this will get posted, but Jenny's dad just got text message from Jenny stating they had tickets to see the monkey exhibit (they were going to take a train to see where Jane Goodall worked), and 2 of their 4 tickets were robbed from them.

It seems like this is par for her experiences in Africa. She first arrives and is assaulted with a man wielding a machete and robbed. Now this.

She is going to have to use some of her wedding money to replace the tickets, then replace the money somehow.

As her mom, I'm having some problems with her being in such a place where she keeps getting sick, robbed, threatened, and frustrated by the cultural differences.

I pray that Jenny and Geoff have safe travels from this point on, and that somehow the bad experiences are very much outweighed by good.

Her Mom

8:07 PM  
Blogger Mom Knight said...

Carla - I agree, its the hardest part of being a parent - standing by worrying with nothing you can do but pray for safety. And yet, when you hear their stories -- next blog forward from this one -- you just are bursting with pride at the work they are doing. And, then somehow, things just seem to work out - like them getting on the train without replacement tickets! Truly amazing...
I'm humbled and grateful that there are people like Jenny and Geoff who are so unselfish with their time and talents, but I agree - its a constant worry!!

7:52 PM  

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